I am an Art Director working in games, films, and advertising with decades of experience in art and creative direction. My specialty is in visual development, where I collaborate with a team to create an artistic vision, then continually guide, polish and direct that vision towards a successful launch.

I've worked on a myriad of amazing projects throughout my career with 22 game credits and counting. I've been fortunate enough to serve on all sides of a studio from leading art teams on the frontlines to executive level management. Decades of experience have given me a wealth of knowledge, empathy and grit for the ever-challenging development process. I'm comfortable facing nearly any creative obstacle and thrive when the stakes are high.  
I'm interested in opportunities where I can collaborate with creative teams to feed my endless passion for building worlds and telling stories.
When I'm not creating artwork or shooting photography - you can find me watching (studying) films, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, or hanging out with friends and family.   
My game credits are listed below and you can view my work history on LinkedIn:
Need help on a creative project?  Give me a shout here:  howdy [at] mphstudios.com
Vicious Circle --  PC (Steam)
Achievement Hunter HEIST -- Tabletop
Millions Dollars, But: The Game -- Tabletop
RWBY: Grimm Eclipse -- PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
HALO: The Master Chief Collection -- Xbox One
Age of Booty: Tactics -- iOS
Whole Foods: Awesome Eats -- iOS
The Wizard of Oz Game -- iOS, Facebook
Marvel Avengers Initiative -- iOS
Epic Mickey -- Nintendo Wii
DC Universe Online -- PC, PlayStation 3
Guilty Party -- Nintendo Wii (cinematics)
Age of Booty -- Xbox 360
Stubbs the Zombie -- Xbox
Aeon Flux -- Xbox, PlayStation 2 (cinematics)
Heavy Metal: FAKK2 -- PC
SiN -- PC
QUAKE: Mission Pack #1 -- PC
Duke Nukem 3D -- PC (Marketing)
Shadow Warrior -- PC (Marketing) 
Terminal Velocity -- PC (Marketing)
Xenophage -- PC (Marketing)
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