I had the incredible honor of working on HALO: The Master Chief Collection where I was the Lead Artist for the Halo 2 Anniversary team. I helped my team deliver six beautiful maps for the Xbox One - Ascension, Coagulation, Lockout, Warlord, Sanctuary, and Zanzibar.
I'm extremely proud of my team and the amazing work they produced. I'm also humbled to contribute to such an iconic franchise in video gaming history.

Art team credits: Mark Ahlin, Leo Gonzalez, JP Eaton, Chip Patterson, Josh Powers, Martin Cable, Rick Knox, Andrew Morris, Ray Arriaga, Ryan Mansfield
Zenith (Ascension Anniversary) 
Bloodline (Coagulation Anniversary)
Warlord (Warlock Anniversary)
Shrine (Sanctuary Anniversary)
Stonetown (Zanzibar Anniversary)
Lockdown (Lockout Anniversary)

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